Safe house
for your server

We offer to locate your equipment in our racks in Prague’s data processing center at Vinohradska 190. The datacenter is provided with supply system reservation in N+1 configuration and two independent diesel generators for separate power supply of servers and air-conditioning.

Total bandwidth of our uplinks is 50 Gbps. Several TIER 1 network carriers provide excellent geographical connectivity. For example, the most of traffic to CIS countries routes via RETN, while America’s traffic routes via Hurricane Electric.



Place server
15 €
for 1U per month
uniform price
  • Port 1000 Mbps
  • Internet 100 Mbps
  • Electricity costs based on usage
  • No installation fee
  • Minimal contract 6 months
per month
for unit
for each
10 units
for kWh
for each additinal
100 Mbps internet

on colocation services

How much is electricity?
0,23€ for kWh, you pay only for actual consumption according to meter. The real consumption depends on many factors. Average electricity bill of our customers is about 25€ for 1 unit per month.
What about internet?
100 Mbps is not enough for us!
Your equipment has 1 Gb network bandwidth, so it’s possible to exceed bandwidth up to 1 Gbps. Each additional Mb costs 1€. For example, you used 150 Mbps during 95% of month, it means that you exceeded bandwidth on 50 Mbps and you bill is 50€. Also, we offer packages of guaranteed bandwidth at 30€ for each 100 Mbps.
Is peering with company X possible?
You can make interconnect with any operator placed inCeColo. Please, contact your account manager to know connection rates
We have our own IP addresses,
can you advertise it?
Yes, we can advertise your IP addresses as well as support your stand-alone systems and other objects. Or you can advertise it by yourself renting our router and setting up BGP session. Account manager will let you know rates.
Ask a question

Tariffs for colocation

Measurement unit
Colocation, 1U*
Colocation, 10U*
IPv4 address
Additional IPv4 address
Subnets IPv6
Internet, overage 100 Mbps
Internet, package х100 Mbps
IP KVM, no more 8 hours a day
Support of resources in RIPE
Registration of resources in RIPE
BGP session
Advertising of your networks
15 €
135 €
1 €
on request
0,23 €
1 €
for 1 Mb monthly
30 €
10 €
one time
100 €
50 €
one time
50 €
one time
30 €

* Installation fee isn’t charged at minimal contract 6 months, otherwise installation fee is equal 2 months fee. 1 Gb network port is available for every unit, committed internet channel is 100 Mbps.

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